Blakeney offers an exceptional network of media contacts, as well as the expertise to manage the media - whatever the situation.

Good PR cuts through the noise, gets a journalist’s attention, and reaches the audience you need it to reach. But great PR is an art.

With only seconds to peak a busy journalist’s interest in your story, the way it’s designed, crafted, and delivered is crucial. Dealing with reactive media is equally important, and can mean the difference between your name being the focus of a story, or not being mentioned at all. From creating a media strategy, to designing messaging, to finding the most effective news hooks, to selling in a story or running an outsourced press office, working with the media is central to Blakeney’s work.

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“What I like about Blakeney is their ability to seamlessly provide an integrated comms operation across varying fields of expertise. Blakeney distinguishes itself by continuously providing new ideas whilst keeping a tight control of ongoing projects and timelines. MiQ would not be here without them!”

Georges Tijsboch - Senior Advisor, MiQ