Good political engagement blends skilled communication, an outstanding network, discretion, political insight and intelligence. We pride ourselves in having all five.

Navigating policy, politics, and regulation is now more complex than ever. Brexit, populism, and fragmenting politics are forcing companies with established public affairs teams to engage in new issues without the necessary knowledge or networks.

Equally, organisations that have never engaged with politics are suddenly finding themselves thrust into an arena that they don’t have experience of dealing with, but that threatens the way they work.

Our team has decades of experience in political engagement and government relations, and a broad and senior network to match. From policy development and legislative intervention to building coalitions of support, Blakeney’s approach to public affairs is strategic and focused on clear outcomes.

We are politically-neutral, with strong relationships across the political spectrum.

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“Very early in our campaign we realised we needed some expert advice and guidance on how to navigate the political corridors to get more recognition for our industry and the team at Blakeney were the perfect partner for #WeMakeEvents with their knowledge, connections, and understanding of how the system works.”

Bryan Raven - #WeMakeEvents