3 September 2019

Blakeney appoints Jonathan Lomax as Managing Director

Blakeney announced today that Jonathan Lomax has joined the business as its Managing Director. Jonathan will lead the Bl...

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12 August 2019

Lobbying in a time of deadlock

It’s almost a cliché of good public affairs practice that to successfully lobby government you shouldn’t just highlight ...

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7 August 2019

Mistaken identity: where should public affairs fit in business?

When I started my career in Parliament nearly fifteen years ago I didn’t fully appreciate what ‘public affairs’ was. It ...

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6 August 2019

The five golden rules of a Ministerial visit

The Prime Minister, Cabinet and Ministerial team have all changed, and that means that communications teams are faced wi...

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5 August 2019

Boris Johnson’s gamble, Jo Swinson’s opportunity?

Boris Johnson has defined the success of his premiership by his ability to take the UK out of the European Union by Octo...

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22 July 2019

Lessons from Theresa May: Involvement beats exclusion

Former US President Jimmy Carter famously went back to teaching Sunday School after he left office. If May follows his e...

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9 May 2019

PRWeek UK Top 150: Bubbling Under

PRWeek publishes its list of the Top 150 UK PR consultancies each year. This year, Blakeney was highlighted as one of th...

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22 October 2018

Politicians didn’t cause the lack of trust in business. Business did

It feels like no one trusts anyone anymore. Voters don’t trust the politicians they elect, politicians in the same party...

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30 January 2018

"I have a vast amount of experience", and other mistakes to avoid on your next job application.

Blakeney is growing quickly, so we posted a job ad on LinkedIn in late November. The job ad said that we were "looking f...

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