From social advertising to email marketing, campaigning, and creating compelling content, digital and social media is now an essential part of delivering any corporate communication strategy.

It’s not a panacea but, given the combined reach of social media channels in the UK far outstrips any other media, a digital and social strategy is essential for any organisation.

But cutting through the noise to understand the channels and content that will not only grab your audience’s attention, but also keep them engaged, can be tough. We partner with the UK’s leading digital and social media strategists to deliver outstanding, measurable, results online as well as offline.

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“What I like about Blakeney is their ability to seamlessly provide an integrated comms operation across varying fields of expertise. Blakeney distinguishes itself by continuously providing new ideas whilst keeping a tight control of ongoing projects and timelines. MiQ would not be here without them!”

Georges Tijsboch - Senior Advisor, MiQ