Good crisis management always takes place before a crisis hits. But failing to prepare properly can do lasting reputational and commercial damage.

We work with clients with operations in extremely demanding environments. From energy companies drilling for oil and gas to arena operators hosting tens of thousands of fans every evening, the potential for a crisis situation is ever-present.

Good crisis management relies on thorough preparation - scenario planning for every conceivable situation and practicing your response to it. We support our clients to understand and practice these situations regularly so that - when a crisis does occur - it’s only the things that couldn’t possibly have been imagined that need to be thought about.

Our extensive experience in managing communications when crises do take place includes accidents, fatalities, protests and activism, dealing with opposition campaigns, regulatory concerns, and social media issues.

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“What I like about Blakeney is their ability to seamlessly provide an integrated comms operation across varying fields of expertise. Blakeney distinguishes itself by continuously providing new ideas whilst keeping a tight control of ongoing projects and timelines. MiQ would not be here without them!”

Georges Tijsboch - Senior Advisor, MiQ