MiQ is a climate tech start-up on a #MethaneMission to radically reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

They have created a Standard – a rulebook – for driving climate action: creating incentives for the drastic reduction of methane emissions across the oil and gas sector, by delivering a thriving market for natural gas that has been certified based on its methane emissions.

Taking an incredibly detailed approach to media relations, Blakeney drove a high impact communications programme focusing on a layering approach – starting with niche trades, working our way up to outlets with a broader appeal. Our strategy focused on deal profiling, newsjacking issues that impact the ESG agenda in the oil and gas sector, and crafting proactive stories that positioned MiQ as a leading authority on methane abatement.

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Interview with MiQ's CEO, Georges Tijbosch in S&P Global Platts

In the first year, Blakeney achieved over 40 trade interviews and 15 national interviews, resulting in high quality coverage which positioned MiQ as a key thought leader, both within the specialist trade arena and within wider conversations on methane abatement. Proactive approaches from prominent journalists demonstrate the success of this strategy, with MiQ’s profile growing outside of its original echo chamber.

Elevating credible voices as the world races to Net Zero.

Establishing MiQ as the dominant voice on methane abatement in the oil and gas industry

Accelerating Levidian’s decarbonisation mission

Building a Sustainable Future for Live Entertainment

Supporting live music’s COVID recovery

Ending Malaria

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“What I like about Blakeney is their ability to seamlessly provide an integrated comms operation across varying fields of expertise. Blakeney distinguishes itself by continuously providing new ideas whilst keeping a tight control of ongoing projects and timelines. MiQ would not be here without them!”

Georges Tijsboch - Senior Advisor, MiQ