We help you to understand and influence the people who matter to you most

Blakeney was formed by a group of communications strategists and political specialists, and draws on the extensive experience of a team that has advised governments, businesses, political campaigns, trade associations, and international charities. The founding Blakeney team includes senior members from both the Leave and Remain campaigns in the 2016 EU Referendum.

We use the latest research techniques to generate insight that helps you understand the people who matter to you most. We then work with you to set clear, achievable, objectives and create strategies to reach them. Finally, we help you to map your strategy to your team, ensuring that the current structure and capability is sufficient to deliver your strategy, and supporting you to develop your team if it’s not.

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Communications functions should never sit in silos, so most of our work is interlinked; political lobbying will sometimes depend on great internal communications, and crisis management will usually depend on strong relationships with the media.

Our expertise covers the whole range of communications and Corporate Affairs disciplines, and draws on our experience of senior in-house and agency roles.


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