Blakeney has announced the launch of a new specialist unit, Blakeney Impact, which focuses on using communication to help in the fight against man-made climate change.

Led by Blakeney Managing Partner, Michael Pooley and Director, Piers Scholfield, Blakeney Impact supports organisations, companies, and individuals that are committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and having a positive impact on the planet and society.

Blakeney’s climate and sustainability-focused work already accounts for a third of the consultancy’s overall revenue, and Blakeney was named a top 5 ESG agency in the latest PR Week Top 150. With the significant limitations of ESG reporting and the alarming increase in greenwashing, the launch of Blakeney Impact reflects the consultancy’s view that existing communications approaches have become inadequate in the face of the climate emergency facing the world.

Based on the Net Positive approach developed by organisations such as Forum for the Future and WWF, Blakeney Impact’s approach recognises that sustainability, equity, resilience, and inclusion are all integral to a company’s commercial success. The new unit will work with those seeking to improve the well-being of everyone they affect and at all levels – every product, operation, region, and stakeholder, including employees, suppliers, communities, customers, future generations, and the planet itself. Organisations that have publicly supported Net Positive principles include Unilever, BT, and The Crown Estate.

Michael Pooley, Managing Partner said: “Too often communications linked to climate change present audiences with a binary choice which isn’t realistic in today’s world and often alienates and polarises. In addition, the terms and thinking around ESG and Purpose have been hijacked by those looking to simply attach a green label to their normal operations."

“When climate communications is done well it brings people together, includes all voices, and creates change at a behavioural, policy, political, and geopolitical level."

“We need all voices in the room to solve big problems together, and we're helping our clients create a positive contribution to the world’s response to the devastating impact of a changing planet.”