The European Commission’s Ecodesign legislation is focused on reducing the negative environmental impacts from various products.

Although the majority of the draft legislation focused on lighting in offices and homes, it also encompassed lighting used in theatre, TV, and film. But there was a problem: the technology didn’t yet exist to make stage and entertainment lighting compliant with the legislation.

The entertainment world needed an exemption, otherwise theatres, films, and TV shows would ‘go dark’ when the legislation came into force. Blakeney was hired by a consortium of global entertainment companies to advise on a political engagement strategy to gain the necessary exemptions for theatre lighting, and ensure the entertainment industry didn’t find itself in this existential position again.

Blakeney worked with policy makers in the UK and Brussels, and with experts in the industry, to analyse the issues and personalities that drove the legislation, map those who understood and supported the entertainment industry’s point of view, target communications at those who would create or influence change, and ensure everyone in the industry communicated a clear and consistent message.

We also devised a longer-term strategy to improve the political and communication capability in the industry, and to mitigate future policy and political risk. Stage and entertainment lighting received the majority of exemptions it sought from Ecodesign in early 2019.

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“Blakeney brings a level of strategy and rigour that is rare in corporate communications. Their advice, and their ability to cut through the noise to get to the heart of an issue, is second to none.”

Jessica Koravos, President, The Really Useful Group