OVO is the UK’s leading energy challenger brand, with a strong reputation for customer service, and ‘clean’ energy.

OVO asked Blakeney for support with the next phase of its plans to revolutionise the energy market with its plans for ‘Smart Electric Heat’. Decarbonising heating has long been recognised as one of the most difficult part of energy policy to solve. But with significant amounts having already been paid in subsidies to major infrastructure solutions like district heating, OVO turned to technology for the answer.

It’s V-Charge tech turns electric storage heaters – expensive, and often found in some of the poorest households – into a giant ‘battery’, saving residents money and reducing emissions.

But the policy and regulatory framework was a significant barrier to its implementation. Blakeney’s strategy made the case that small changes would have a significant impact, and worked with policy makers, the media, and other stakeholders to build momentum behind OVO’s plans. OVO’s campaign put the potential for Smart Electric Heat squarely on the agenda for policy makers and regulators and, in May 2019, the Committee on Climate Change published a major report on the future decarbonisation of heat.

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“Blakeney's combined experience in corporate affairs and policy meant they provided highly effective support and advice. The team is senior and well-networked, which helped get cut-through on an issue that is core to our business.”

Georgia Berry, Chief of Staff, OVO Energy