Nicole graduated with a Bachelor of Design, specialising in Graphic Design, from Inscape Design College in Cape Town, South Africa in 2017.

Having grown up in three Southern African countries (Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa), Nicole’s upbringing helped shape her penchant for varied perspectives and avenues of creativity.

Her expertise lies in bringing brand strategy, storytelling, and design together fluidly and effectively.

She began her career at North VCA, a brand design consultancy. Here, amongst a broad mix of projects, Nicole formed part of the core team working on Packa-Ching – a game-changing non-profit turning used plastic into a valuable resource that supports vulnerable communities. She also worked at the frontline of the Million Plus campaign – a movement driving a recycling revolution in South Africa.

An avid reader, Nicole is happiest learning intensively about anything she can. She’s fascinated with what lies at the interstices between design and other systems, and is passionate about moving beyond creative silos to create positive, sustainable change.