Anthony has worked in a number of policy and communications roles across a range of sectors for over a decade. He was Chief of Staff to the Conservatives in Wales, advising politicians and planning election campaigns. He went on to work on electric and autonomous vehicle policy for a leading global automotive firm, before building a new national strategy as Head of Tourism Affairs at VisitBritain.

Having developed communications strategies for a number of complex organisations, he has helped senior figures in business and politics to navigate political and corporate reputation issues. As a spokesman in the past, he has given evidence at select committees, spoken at the OECD and international forums, as well as commented regularly in the media.

With a track record of developing policy, building corporate reputation and brand strategies, and mitigating political risk, Anthony has a variety of experiences to draw upon. In 2019 he was a candidate in the general election, and outside of work is a trustee of a think tank, and attempts the Parkrun.