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Employees are vital ambassadors for your brand, but disengaged employees have a negative impact on everything from customer service to productivity. So the fact that Internal communications is often considered the ‘poor relation’ to other communications disciplines, and is seldom as integrated into the communications mix as it needs to be, is a huge problem.

Organisations that don’t prioritise Internal Communications, or that use it purely to internalise an external message, risk destroying value; done well, Internal Communications drives understanding, engagement, and productivity, and is enormously valuable to any organisation.

But Internal Communications is often not done well, with teams focusing on channel development rather than strategy, and on content rather than outcome. We help Internal Communications teams to see the bigger picture, to understand what makes employees tick, what derails them, and to create strategies to drive employee engagement when they need it most.

Building on a deep understanding of how culture and communications drive employee engagement, we’ve worked with some of the country’s best known brands to create high performing, highly engaged, workplaces through times of significant change.